"I consider anyone with a low-altitude waiver and a beating heart a living legend. There are fewer than 400 people in this country (U.S.A.) with low altitude waivers, and of those, fewer than 100 are cleared to the surface.- Jeff Parnau, Publisher of World Airshow News, January/February 2005.

Pete Spence
#1 as the Lead Pilot

Cleared to Surface

An excavation contractor from Miurkirk, Ontario. Pete has been flying air shows for over
twenty years.

Dave Hewitt
#2 on the Right Wing
Cleared to Surface

The owner/manufacturer in the Auto parts Industry (Metal Stampings, Tubular
Products and Assemblies). Dave resides in Woodstock, Ontario, is married
with two boys and has been flying
air shows for over
twenty years.

Kent Beckham
#3 on the Left Wing
Cleared to Surface

Flying the most difficult position, Kent is a pilot with with a major Canadian Airline. Kent has been flying air shows for more than twenty years and has performed aerobatics in the film 'Iron Eagle IV'.

Pete, Dave and Kent are all members of the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association based in Tillsonburg, Ontario.  "C.H.A.A." for short, is a charitable organization with a mandate to acquire, preserve, restore, maintain, display and demonstrate the Harvard aircraft and other aircraft associated with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The team originated as a father-son (Beckham) act based at Woodstock Ontario. Norm ('Mr.Harvard'- Kent's dad) performed his last airshow at London Airshow '98. Kent, Dave and Pete trained as a three plane act throughout '99 and 2000 premiering at London Airshow 2000. Past performances have included:

- Thunder Over Louisville (KY)
- Canadian International Airshow -CNE,(ON)
- Willowgrove, Naval Air Station (PA)
- Rochester International Air Show (NY)
- North Bay Heritage Festival (ON)
- Utica Great North-Eastern Airshow (NY)
- Geneseo 1941 Historical Air Group Airshow (NY)
- Camp Bordon CFB (ON)
- Windsor International Airshow (ON)
- London International Airshow (ON)
- Brantford Airshow (ON)
- Sarnia's Great Canadian Fly-In (ON)
- RedBull Air Races 2008 - Detroit (MI)
- CFB Bagotville Air Show (QB)
- Nova Scotia Internation Air Show - Halifax, NS
- Yarmouth International Air Show (NS)
- Ottawa International Air Show (ON)
- Friendly Foes Over the Skies - Niagara Falls (ON)

Call our team co-ordinator Dave Hewitt and we'll be at yours!